Research has proven that when a threshold of 3.5% of any population is reached and working together for a common cause, they have never failed to affect change.

There is tremendous power in numbers, for the group and the individual.

We know from studies that meditation benefits our physical, mental and emotional health. And there is something else that meditation does that not many are talking about. IT MAKES YOU MIGHTY.

Meditation gives the meditator real power, strength…true might. If we put these two forces together we have two sources of remarkable power; assemblage and individual will.

Join with us to drink in the vitality of the group and lift our consciousness to a place of supreme clarity and fill yourself with confidence. We can affect change on the inside and the outside.

*For those that are practicing meditators, here is your place to gather; anywhere you are in the world. For those that are new to the process, we offer a shelter in which to learn and absorb the awesome power of gathering together and the creation of a community that will always offer help and encouragement to its members.

*And for those that find it hard to sit alone, we will hold you in the inner sanctum of our mutual minds and hearts and help bring you the focus you need to actually meditate and receive the natural ongoing benefits of that experience.

Lastly, for any of us who may from time to time find ourselves feeling weakened or bewildered by life, the inspiration and encouragement of our mighty populace will be here to reinforce the strength of spirit that is our birthright.

All of life is connected. Each ecosystem feeds the next. The flow of life is potent and full of vigor. And all of it comes from the same cosmic source.

Meditation harnesses the natural inner force, waking up the nuclear seed of lightening vibrating inside of every being.

Weekly Meditations

Wednesdays and Sundays at 7 p.m. Pacific Time. You can join in via the Internet on your phone or computer.

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